Sunday, September 02, 2007

More Promotions for Mami Kawada

sentiment: excited
harmony: "Vacillate" by Mami Kawada

And so my hunch was quite correct... If you must know, dearest I've member Mami Kawada will perform for the Opening/Ending Theme for Shakugan no Shana 2nd Season (Opening theme entitled JOINT but the ending theme's title is not yet released). I thought something like this will happen (please refer to my Shakugan no Shana 2nd Season Theories post) since I believe that Mami has a strong bond/connection with the anime series but my other theory was rather wrong (that Sachi Tainaka will perform the ending theme). At first I thought she will only perform the opening theme but when I examined her Geneon Website, I read that she will also perform the ending theme!! Which is awesome because this will be the first time she will make an opening/ending theme single. There is two possibilities about this single which I will elaborate now:

  • The single will probably be a double-A side just like in the case of MELL's upcoming 3rd single Virgin's high! which is now Virgin's high! / kicks!.

  • If the single wouldn't be a double-A, it will be the same case as KOTOKO's 2nd single Re-sublimity in which the single title is only the opening theme but the other songs Agony & Suppuration -core- where used as an ending theme and OST respectively, for the anime Kannazuki no Miko. Except that JOINT will only contain 4 songs while the Re-sublimity contains 5 songs.

Any of these will do alright for me but if I we're to choose, I would really like the double-A side possibililty then two videos for the single itself to promote her more but the problem is, it would be a bit expensive for I've Sound. But it's okay thugh because according to aibublog, there will be a new eroge on which Mami Kawada will perform a song (still not sure if it's opening or ending theme).

Overall, I think this is Mami Kawada's busiest year as of now since she didn't got many promotions last 2006 which is the release of her first album SEED, the FIRST LIVE TOUR 2006 'SEED' Tour Pamphlet which contained the ROOTS of ROOTS and CARPE DIEM, TSUMAMIX VOCAL COLLECTION which contained songs by KOTOKO and Mami for some eroge (namely eclipse, Vacillate, and a remix of eclipse -UETSU MIU style-) and some few songs for eroge - nothing much if you were to ask me. As an I've Sound fan and a Mami Kawada fanatic, I would really look forward to these upcoming releases and for her popularity because she deserves to be popular haha! I know you've heard these lines before but oh well, I just wanted to tell the world that I want her to be as famous as she can be. xD


  1. I (still) really can't imagine Sachi Tainaka's songs in the Shakugan no Shana OST. Can't explain why though. (^^,) Her voice and musical style, for me, are best fitting for TYPE MOON works (i.e. project FATE and possible works of the company in the future) if we're taking *cough*eroge*cough* OSTs. XD

    So, if ever the rumors about an OVA or 2nd season for Shingetsutan Tsukihime is true, then I can fully visualize her songs there. ^__^

    *coughs again* Mami Kawada's claim to fame in the anime world is Shakugan no Shana after all. ...I think. (O_o) Tis because I learned to appreciate her songs when you introduced me to the anime. Honestly, I failed to notice her in Onegai Sensei. Maybe it's because she had a really mellow sound there. But yay for her now!!! (^,^)/ GO TO PROMOTE MAMI KAWADA, ONI!

  2. well Seirei no Moribito and Saiunkoku Monogatari aren't *cough* eroge *cough-cough* haha!! oh well my visualizations are rather not-so-in-this-world that's why my concept on Sachi Tainaka performing for SnS is very bleak. >_< I guess.

    Yeah, it didn't root up to me when I first heard her "Sora no Mori de". It started with "Asu e no Namida" and the legendary "Hishoku no Sora". I know you know already the history on how I became very fund of Shakugan no Shana that's why I recommend that anime to you.. haha! and yeah, like what Amy (my friend in multiply) said, let's go for Mami Kawada!! haha!

  3. Yes, those are not eroge at all. What I was talking about in my previous comment is the possible common denominator of Mami Kawada and Sachi Tainaka in the cougherogecough music industry... if ever. xDD

    Waaah! Why am I talking eroge omg wah so sorry, oni! xDDDD~ *gets bricked*

  4. Ahh I get it now!! hahah that assumption is not really that far so I guess I think you're right about that... maybe in another visual novel game/anime that tandem for op/ed theme (Mami Kawada/Sachi Tainaka) would be possible. ^__^