Thursday, August 09, 2007

Shakugan no Shana 2nd Season theories

sentiment: excited (again)
harmony: "Hishoku no Sora" by Mami Kawada

Since I am listening to Hishoku no Sora, it came to me that it will be only two months until the launch of the Shakugan no Shana Second Season which I will watch and of course, download its episodes. As a Shakugan no Shana fan, I am looking forward to another action-packed & romantic stories of Yuuji & Shana haha! And I hope Khamsin Nbhw will get more role... I haven't seen much of his power aside from what I saw on episode 17 (or 18). And as for the other Flame Haze, I hope they'll be able to beat all the Tomogaras and Rinnes in this season.

And it also came to me who will perform the opening theme. I dunno... I am having a hunch, there's a high possibility that Mami Kawada will perform on the opening theme again. Or if not, probably she'll perform one the ending theme or insert songs. I hope so coz she needs publicity and promotion so that she'll get famous! ^_^ Of course, as a big Mami Kawada fan, it would be really nice to know if that would be true. And there's is also a medium probability that Sachi Tainaka will perform for the opening/ending theme... Why? Because she's a Geneon artist just like the I've Girls, Yoko Takahashi and Yoko Ishida. Well that's just a hypothesis but I hope that would come true no?


  1. Know what I want to see in the second season, oni? I want to see more MargeryxKeisuke. xDDD~ Eita can step aside for a while! XD Ah yes, one of my very few straight pairings.

    Uwah! It would be quite interesting to hear Sachi Tainaka sing for Shakugan no Shana. I'm... curious. Really. O__O But honestly, I can't picture out her music style in the Shakugan no Shana OST.

  2. yeah I'm also looking forward to Margery & Keisuke for the second season haha! I like their pairing although it seems like Margery will be the dominating one haha!

    about Sachi Tainaka, well it's just not more than a hunch but if ever she will perform, I think she'll be performing for the ending theme. Another heart-warming ballad that is. xD

  3. Hehehe, it won't be so bad to see that, ne? ^___^;

    That is exactly what I like about Margery! She dominates and kicks serious fights! xDD Go Margery!

    *lovelove MargeryxKeisuke*

  4. hahaha fave pairing mo sila anuh? xD ako rin ehh... same goes for YuujixShana... xD Then a question suddenly went into my mind... who will be the guy for Wilhelmina ~de arimasu? haha! ganun eh...