Saturday, August 11, 2007

Spread this disease!

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Before hitting the comment link, please scroll down first. Thank you. =)

And now, it's about time for me to spread this disease! XD

Leave a comment, and I will:

1 - Tell you why I added/considered you as my friend (Or added you in my links, whatever, really.)
2 - Associate you with something. A fandom, a song, a rock, a colour, a piece of fruit. SOMETHING.
3 - Tell you something I like about you because you guys ROCK!
4 - Tell you a memory I have of you.
5 - Associate you with a character/pairing.
6 - Ask something I’ve always wanted to know about you. (Or else I’ll just ask a random question. I reserve that right.)
7 - Tell you my favorite user pic(s)/avatar of yours.
8 - Tell you that you must spread this disease in your blog.

...Comment anything you like. ^___^ But of course, I should at least know you so that I can tell you the answers on the statements above.

Saa, minna! Comment now and I'll reply as immediate as I can! ^_^


  1. I am going to have another identity crisis thanks to your Sachi Tainaka signature, oni. O___O

    *tickle stick* xDD~

  2. Imouto! Ah-eh about the siggy, I'm sorry if that caused you an identity crisis... I didn't mean it that way... xD

    1 - Well of course, we're the vamp siblings! No one can separate us! In tagalog, lukso ng dugo ika nga! =D

    2 - a typical rock artist, you already know why... xDD~

    3 - I haven't told you that all as in ALL your graphic masterpieces rock because they are indeed creative (as well as the creator) and I can sense your emotions just by looking at them. ^^

    4 - Uhmm, there are too many but you know what I really remember the most? The one in Landmark while we were with Martin & Pepe, and we laughed so hard when we saw the red dress that other people looked at us... well that's what you said but I didn't noticed that they were looking at us haha!

    5 - Oh my GACKT~! haha! =P

    6 - Where did our other vamp sibling went to? haha! *another foolish nothingness*

    7 - Not really favorite but it really caught my attention really... (Since if I said its my favorite, maybe all of you may think I'm gay) The one with the Eiji & Oishi animated avie you had. IT REALLY GOT MY ATTENTION and I LAUGHED VERY HARD!!!! XD~

    8 - Well I was told by you to spread this disease so I think there's no need for spreading (again) the disease! xD

  3. "Hmmm... just dropping by to see how this disease is spreading."

    "Don't mind me, I'm just making sure this will turn out as a pandemic" >:3

  4. No, that is not really a problem, oni. xD Having identity crises will always be a part of moi's physical composition. >3

    4. Haha! That totally rocked! Probably one of the unconscious reasons why you began liking the color RED. xD *assumption only x3*

    6. I think there are only two of us. ^^; But the family tree needs more branches, so we might consider recruiting more. :P

    7. Nah, don't think that way! So what if that avie's your favorite?! It's really cool and it never fails to make me go ROFLMAOLC! I'm not really a fan of Golden Pair, but I swear that avatar is the BEST! *hahaha*

  5. @Lei>> well this disease is really spreading haha!

    1 - I consider you as my friend not because we're clanmates and so-so but because we had shared ups & downs and also some secrets kahit konti pa nga lang but even if it was few, it's already enough for me. At least meron haha! And I was grateful kahit konti pa lang, it has a significant value in my life. ^_^

    2 - I associate you with three things:

    *a Jpop song entitled "Red fraction". I dunno, but whenever I listen to this song, it kinda reminds me of you.
    *electric guitar - a rocker icon
    *fashionista - because you dress very well. ^_^

    3 - The way you carry yourself whenever there is a meeting or event. Carry mo ung mga damit na sinusuot mo and that's way very cool for me. ^_^

    4 - I don't know if this is a coincidence but whenever we see each other with our other friends, we ended up being treated by you. Nahihiya nga ako but even though I can't really express it properly, I am always very thankful for your generosity. ^_^ thanks!

    5 - Char Aznable because in that name I first addressed you. haha!

    6 - I don't know what I will ask you... e2 na lang, when will you visit us again here in the Philippines?

    7 - your previous avatar in Vindicta before the Honey-avie... I really like that!

    8 - haha you haven't spread the disease so go ahead and spread it when you have the time. ^_^

  6. @imouto>> haha sou desuka? Well I'm planning that my next layout will be Sachi-sama... I think I'll be using the one that I indicated in the KOTF thread the most beautiful pic of hers... haha! humanda ka! lalo ka magkakaroon ng IC... xD haha juk!

    4 - well yeah it's one of reasons but the main reason why I liked red because it's very sensual and warm to the eyes. xD

    7 - haha thanks! but I'm just avoiding the fact that someone might say that I am "intrigued" or attracted to a shounen-ai avie... haha! that I got ROFLMAO when I see that... haha! alam mo na, I grew up in a society where that kind of small things got very big. o_o

  7. @1 - Such sweet words are treated as music to my ears. Thanks for seeing it that way, I really appreciate it. :)

    @4 - It's just a way of me saying how you guys are important to me. The more I see you guys smile, the happier my life becomes.

    @6 - Soon...

    @8 - Oh but I have >:3 I was the one who infected my beloved bezie who also infected you >:3
    here is the link so you won't get lost :D

  8. Oh darn, the link broke..
    Oh well, its on my blog. You get the message :P

  9. kapatid! what do you know... I'm kinda curious on what you think about me.. hopefully not a trying-hard photoshop master? hahahaha..

  10. 7. Screw them.

    Honestly, what is with people since the beginning of society?! *random*

  11. @lei>> ay oo nga nuh... Nakita ko nga.. haha!
    @imouto>> I dunno... maybe I had a wrong society to belong to... oh well anyway, got used to it already.

  12. @kapatid>> naw... of course not! anu ka ba?! :D

    1 - Well of course, we're also siblings but of different raise... haah! not of vampires!

    2 - a shoujo manga/anime... because you like shoujo more than shounen, I think.

    3 - You have the passion to be a hardworker... Even though you rant always with your duties, at least you get over with those hard works! haha! doesn't matter how much you rant but on how you do your work and finish it. ^_^

    4 - Dami ehh... but the ones I'm not gonna forget are the ff. events:

    *May 17, 2006 - I know you know this already. But in case you forget, its the C.M.Recto walkathon. Nuff said. XD

    *We eat in the carinderia when we meet in FEU most of the time. I just noticed that. xD

    5 - SyaoranxSakura pairing. You know why. =)

    6 - Who's gonna be my potential brother-in-law? *pass imouto's question to another person* haha!

    7 - The DaixDark avie of yours.

    8 - You know what to do, don't you? XDD~

  13. Kapatid! Thanks! I am a hardworker! It's not because I wanted too.. but because I needed to be one..


    I didn't expect you'll still remember the date of that May 17, 2006! hahaha... I'll never forget that! (I really admire your memory!)

    Ung naligaw ka sa recto! hahahahahaha!!! thanks so much!!

  14. ^ kapatid, how will I forget that? It's actually one of the experiences that I will never ever forget in my entire life... haha! It was a very exhausting and at the same time, a memorable day. Nagcelebrate nga ako nung May 17 eh haha! joke... binigyan ko lang ng commemoration.. xD