Monday, August 13, 2007

One Way to Irritate an Internet Freak

sentiment: still a bit irritated
harmony: "Asura" by KOTOKO

Internet connection hasn't been very satisfying these past few days... It got me on my nerves and I decided to download the "QuickFix" program of them but it really didn't worked out. *holy cow* My sister already contacted SmartBro toll-free customer service to resolve the problem. After the call, my sister said they will call after the next 24 hours if the problem is not yet resolved. It got resolved but it's fluctuating... after a while it'll restore again.

It got to the point that it really made me very irritable and I was already made me say the taboo (not really forbidden) word P.I. for a couple of times because of this inconvenience. Who wouldn't got irritated if you're downloading a 70.4 MB feel and you're already 30% to finish then your internet connection went loco? And while you're uploading songs in multiply and it stopped because the connection fluctuated again!? Resulting into multiple incomplete/corrupt files to be upoaded that I can't erase. Then I'll upload again and it happens again. *aarrrggghhh* I could spend the day ranting like this.

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