Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ame Agari

sentiment: a bit cold
harmony: ----

It's 2:40 AM here in my clock and I still don't want to sleep the night, err.. morning. Yeah it's cold and all because it's raining hard but I can't still sleep. Maybe it's because my mind still doesn't want to sleep. Or maybe I'm just hungry? Eitherway, I should sleep ASAP or else... XD

*rain weakened* Oh it's a good thing it's just drizzling outside... *raining strong again* owww... I shouldn't have greeted! =__= I wanted to go to school but tough luck, classes has been suspended already. Oh well, can't do anything with the forces of nature. Just ranting and want to say good morning to all... I just finished my new layout. *drools* Sachi Tainaka is really pretty... xD


  1. Oh well, at least hindi bumabagyo sa bagong layout mo oni. xDDDD

  2. honga eh! the layout itself is tropical although it's the rainy season for us in the Philippines... para akong nasa Japan anuh? dun kc summer ihh... XD

  3. gnun? Summer na pla sa Japan? yup! EGAY seems to do good job in suspending the classes for 3 days in a row now.. hehehe.. :D