Monday, August 20, 2007

My Sugar Cat

sentiment: relaxed
harmony: "MY SUGAR CAT" by Mika Nakashima

Before I go to the topic, just want to comment on Mika Nakashima's "My Sugar Cat". It's my first time hearing it but it really got into me... I was very intrigued by the title of this song a long time ago (I only got the time to download the single today, sorry) because it's somewhat rare and catchy IMO. Specially with this single cover... who wouldn't get attracted?

Oh kawaii neko-chan!! xD I wish I could embrace it with her noh? XP joke!

"My Sugar Cat" is a reggae-inspired single with a touch of ballad and jazz. A classy yet sweet song IMO although it really didn't sold well nor it stayed in the Oricon charts for long. It's actually her 2nd least successful single but I really like the song... I dunno why I always have the taste for singles/songs that only reached low ranking in the Oricon. But for ballad-lovers like me, I really appreciate what Mika did for this single. At least she got to do/perform a single that she likes right? Unlike you have pretty good sales and yet you're not really that attached to that single... ^__^ I really like the song that's why I'm repeating it all over again. I really can say that I have weird taste on music too nee?

The promotional video (PV) for this song was sort of simple but it's very cuddly (of course one of the reasons is because of the cutey neko-chan! XD) and expressive. I like how it was put together but it can improve in a lot more ways.

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