Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ballads During Sundays Only

sentiment: mellow
harmony: "Ai no Uta" by Hitomi Shimatani

I made it a habit that upbeat songs (including rock) will be during weekdays and saturdays then I'll left Sunday for ballad day. But ever since the rainy days have come, this SOP hasn't been followed recently. And look what I am listening to right now? Ai no Uta? Of course, just by looking at it's title, you can depict that it's a ballad since it means either "Song of Love" or "Poem of Love" depending on what kanji was used but either way, it's still ballad.

I dunno myself why am I listening to this song but I really like piano-only ballads or any ballad that really touches me because they are soft and soothing to the ear. I also don't know the reason why I most of the time prefer ballad more than rock since most of the people I knew, they really prefer rock rather than ballad as it is more lively and upbeat. Quite right but maybe the reason why I like ballad more than rock because I can reflect myself with the song and it's like I was baptized or showered from a grave sin whenever I listen to these songs. Quite exaggerated but it's really what I feel.

Ballads doesn't only give you motivation and feelings but it's also a medicine for the insomniac as it softens your emotion. And it can also serve as your current emotion/feeling just like the other genres.

Oh what am I saying now? I'm really sorry if I am posting nonsense again. But I really appreciate it if you'll bear with what I posted.

Later (it's already 1:24 AM here), will be another upbeat day for school and I hope my SOP will get back to normal again.

Last comment from what I am listening to right now....

I am already listening to Ai no Uta for a quite time already... And I can't stop listening to it... I just love how the piano was played together with Hitomi's powerful yet soothing voice. I'm really loving it.

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