Sunday, September 02, 2007

No Greetings Allowed!

sentiment: just remembered something
harmony: "Koibito Doushi" by Jyukai

I just remembered that one of my classmates's birthday just passed. I didn't remembered so I wasn't able to greet that person. But you know what? That person really deserves it. Don't be mistaken. I'm not not mad at that person nor we had an unpleasant conversation or so-what arguments.It's just that person didn't even greeted me not even once in my stay in San Beda. Actually speaking of birthday, only few people of San Beda greeted me on y last birthday. I think there were only 2. One on-date and one belated. But last 2 years, no one even remembered and that was the worst.

I'm tired of being prudent and ever so greeter of birthday celebrants who don't even know my own birthday. Shame on them really. It's really some sort of revenge but not direct. All I want is just a simple yet heartfelt greeting. Was it something very difficult? Nah, I think even a grade schooler even knows how to greet someone on his/her birthday right? I have nothing to boast for my birthday (no gimmicks, no blowouts and no others), but I'm just expecting a good greet. Nothing else.

But even if the odds (at school) are that big and unrealized by all, I'm still happy because I still have friends who still remembers my birthday and greets me. Don't be mistaken again. My birthday is still aeons away, I just wanted to brought up the topic on what I felt about how my last birthdays came without a greeting from my schoolmates. Why? Because if they were in my position, they would be in the state of tampururot because I didn't greet them or whatsoever reason. But in my case, I did not at first but now, I still won't feel lonely and instead, I'll just ignore their birthdays.

And to those who still remembers my birthday, many thanks to all of you. ^^ I'm really happy even if there are only few people who still remembers it. All of you deserves a "thank-you" from me. Haha! Sorry, I still have no money to give you something on your birthday. As you know, my wallets broke and my purse doesn't have much coins to buy you a gift. But I hope, being there beside you, friend to accompany and make you happy on your birthday, I hope that's alright with you. =)


  1. Let's have pizza on your birthday oni! *takes note of it* Yay pizza! <(^_^<)

  2. Yeah! I'll earn money now since it's already the start of the "-ber" months... my birthday will be few days away... so have to earn na... SISIG PIZZA!! ganun ehh!! XD