Friday, August 31, 2007

Just Wanted to Rejoice! *spams*

sentiment: giggling
harmony: "Akai Sabaku no Densetsu" by Hitomi Shimatani

Yes, yes, YES! Due to often stress relieving activity in the Timezone, my account in Soul Calibur 2 Conquest Mode has upgraded again. And this time, Xianghua graduated from being in the Cerberus group. Her rank now is Platinum General of the Wyvern. Doesn't it sound more cool than Cerberus? Hahaha! XD just kidding. But at least, I'm in the Wyvern already.

I already have 672 wins and embarrassing 201 losses. What annoyed me was before I reached triple six wons, I already incurred 200 losses. -__- I just told myself that I should have exceeded that number before incurring 200 losses but the opposite happened. But it's alright though... I'm still very happy that her rank leveled-up. xD


  1. Platinum General! Congrats!!!

    *been saying a lot of congrats to a lot of people* xDDDD

  2. haha thanks imouto!! thanks for the stress-relieving routine!!! yay!! haha! *wasiwas okra*