Friday, August 31, 2007

Not All's Well but it Ends Well

sentiment: happy somehow...
harmony: "Rock n' Rouge" by Nana Katase

This post was supposed to be posted last night but darn this internet connection. It's fluctuating... sometimes it works, sometimes its not. It's like a weather that you can't predict. Anyhow, let's go back to the original topic.

Remember the Marketing Competition at San Beda Mendiola? (please refer to one of my older post last August 28) Yeah we won some awards and stuff but it's one heck of a day because there were a lot of meddlesome events before we received the certificates and awards. First, those other darn participants we're kind of "Filipino-time" again and let us wait for aeons before they arrived. I know this happens most of the time but can't they be punctual just this once?

Second, there were no professors who went with us to the competition. Darn it, they should've supported us instead of twiddling their thumbs in the faculty room. I know it's because there's only one full-time business management professor in our school at that time and she's the department chair but they should've let at least one professor to supervise us not just sending our own ways to San Beda main.

There were students who tends to be one of the pasaways (rascals) and didn't followed instructions not to bring an automobile. Yes the officers borrowed 2 service vehicles for us but those students are really hard-headed retards and still went on their way driving their own cars. If I were the president of the org, I could've bump their heads on the solid walls of San Beda main.

As I said in one of my last posts, there were 3 contests here: Fashion Show, Print Ads, and Product Packaging. There were only few participants in each contest coming from San Beda main and Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. In the Product Packaging contest wherein three teams from our school and PLM participated. It was a cinch that of course, there will be at least 2 winners from our school and I was right. 2 teams from our school won 2nd and 1st place. Our team didn't won but it's alright at least I know deep inside myself, I did my very best and our school didn't lose.

In the print ad contest, my friends also won first place with the "Look at my eyes. Don't eat me!!!" print ad. It's a very simple ad but it says all. But IMO, the banner could do better... Oh what am I saying?! The banner did won 1st place so why am I saying "they could do better"?! But honestly, they could do better, I think the reason why it won because of the great explanation for the ad.

In the fashion show, we only won 3rd place and I'm kinda expecting this already. But at least, we still had a "place" in the contest.

Overall, the event ended successfully and we were happy despite of the lack of support of our professors and many problems that came before we won. I, myself is happy because it was a good opportunity to expose myself into marketing activities like this and I got to meet more people which I think is an advantage for me. I'm not expecting to win in this but even if that's the case, my participation is still helpful, I think. Well that's that.


  1. Some say that a group doesn't win because of lack of support. But from what happened to your group, it just goes to show that you guys are great, with or without professors by your side. ^__^ That's pretty cool~

    Congratulations, oni!

  2. yeah.. even though no professors supprted us, we're still happy... =D at kahit nagkaleche-leche ung araw namin bago namin nalaman na panalo pala kami, masya pa rin!

    thanks imouto! although I really didn't won myself...