Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Food Trip Days

sentiment: craving
harmony: "UZU-MAKI" by KOTOKO

I just noticed that every Tuesdays & Thursdays, me and my friend Michelle always stops by to Alabang City Terminal to eat different street foods for our food trip. I don't know but it has become an SOP to us. We eat anything - proben (chicken gizzard/skin fried in flour and pepper), kwek-kwek (orange coating with quail eggs inside), siopao, siomai, cuticle juice/palamig/samalamig (a street drink), calamares (fried squid), betamax (for me only since Michelle hates roasted blood) anything except adidas (chicken feet) and helmet (chicken head).

But this afternoon, it was different. Since Mang Siomai and Mang Proben (you see, I like to label persons on what they are selling or what they are doing. Like in our library, I call the girl who operates the xerox/photocopy machine as Ate Xerox) are not around there, Michelle insisted on Julie's Bakeshop. Gosh how could I forget that bakeshop!? Their pastries and sweets there are simply enticing, tempting and irresistable. And my stomach can't take it anymore and I have to gobble up something before going home. XD So I ordered some sweet bread and mini-pizzas called pizzadita. I wanted to order more but my money's in trouble if I keep on spending them. xD So I have to resist some of the temptation and save those cinammon rings, brownies, and other sweet breads for next time. xD

When I reached Soldiers' Hills, I'm still not satisfied and decided to buy one stick of kwek-kwek dipped in spicy vinegar and gobbled it with much satisfaction. Haay... how I wish everyday will be Tuesday and Thursday no? =P

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