Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Big Day Ahead

sentiment: a bit nervous
harmony: "A Perfect Sky" by BONNIE PINK

Kyaa!! I'm feeling kinda nervous for tomorrow! It will be a big and long day, I think. Tomorrow, and my other fellow Marketing students in our school will go to San Beda Mendiola to attend compete (?) to some sort of Marketing Competition. According to the officers of ABBLE (an org in our school for business-course students), there will be 3 events which is the fashion competition, print ads, and product packaging. We had a meeting earlier so that the officers will know who are the ones willing to join. I thought I was in the "unsure" list because there are already enough participants according to one of the officers there. But when I texted Aby a while ago, she said I'm still going to participate!!! x__X

No way I'm gonna participate in the fashion competition. I'm not photogenic and I don't have the guts! I'll be a grunting & mumbling idiot if they let me in there seriously. =P So my choice was either print ads or the product packaging. I was a bit discouraged when I heard that when you join the print ad competition, each member of the team will interpret it and express their opinion. And gosh the exposition is 30% of the criteria... I'm gonna break down and cry... =__= So this leaves me the product packaging competition. In this particular competition, they will provide the materials for a specific product package. All must be used as in ALL. No more no less. *gulp* Well I still don't know what will be the materials provided but I'll do the best that I can to help my teammates out there.

Well, to tell you the truth, I really wanted to participate in the print ad but one of the officers said, they already made one. Well how are we supposed to interpret it if we're not the ones to create? Oh well, but the ad they created was self-explanatory. With the motto, "Be an angel to animals, don't eat 'em". The ad itself was simple with lots of eyes (from random animals including the eyes of one of the officers) and there's a message. It says, "Look into my eyes. Don't eat me." It simple and a bit broad at the same time that's why I wanted to create an ad for them but sadly, I don't have the time & money. It's too hassle and expensive because I have to print it in A3 paper high colored so I gave up on it realizing the difficulty.


  1. Wow! You're going to compete outside campus! Sugoi naa, oni-vamp! Ganbatte ganbatte!!! ^_____^

  2. thanks imouto ^_^ but I didn't contribute anything that much... *please refer to my latest post*