Friday, August 24, 2007

Dull and Boring

sentiment: sort of lonely
harmony: "Hane" by KOTOKO

The song I'm listening into now is some sort of pop-rock with some hints of emo which is just right for my mood. Care to listen? Then press the player below. It's kind of long but once you listen to the song, you'll depict my emotion in just a snap (but it's kinda long):

Today was a very dull and boring day for school... I kinda lack sleep last night so my mood was not that good. And the bad thing is, my professor and my other classmates knew just by looking at my face. =_= Yeah, the mood can be depicted just by looking at your face that's why it's one of the part of my body that I am concern. Just like when I'm feeling sleepy, I can't hide it from anyone's faces. Anyone knows when I'm feel drowsy or not... Tch, I can't do the simple things that others can do like that... Oh well, at least they already know so that they won't ask questions.

And because I was bored to death, I decided to cut my classes because the next subjects are definitely more boring than Advertising & Promotions Management (which is Rizal & Quantitative Techniques). So I went to ATC with my friends to amuse myself and let those adrenalin in my body to be active. Yeah it gave me amusement for a while but I didn't get happier than usual. Maybe there's just something wrong with my mood or probably just woke up in the wrong side of the bed which is highly probable.

And the worst part of the day, it rained here and I got really wet because I didn't bring an umbrella. So much for continuous worst days... I'm just thinking that I was the most dull and boring person awhile ago because of my mood. And just like what I said from my last post, I'm not genki all the time. And sorry if this is another of those uber dramatic post... Just need to take it out from my head.


  1. Aww... Oni needs a bunny hug. *bunny hugs j00*

    How's your midterm exams? Seems like its keeping you up rather late~ *is about to go to that phase soon*

  2. well I did fine except for Rizal... I really hate that subject nyaarr... I don't appreciate that subject at all although Jose Rizal is our national hero.. but can I apply those learnings into my work in the future? Ma~... at Pa~... whatever~