Saturday, September 08, 2007

Oops, I did it again!

sentiment: happy!
harmony: "Velocity of Sound" by MOMO

Well I'll just spam again before I'll post the main course!! :P too many things happened today although the start was not really upbeat. I only had 3 hours of sleep last night so I did go to school but didn't attend the first subjct to snooze for a while.

While in Financial Management class, my prof called me to explain and discuss in the board what is Break-even Analysis and what are the formulas on how to calculate for it. I made it with no sweat since I copied the notes last week and studied it for a while. But after that, i didn't bothered to listen because my seatmate had a PSP with her and let me play with it since she can't beat stage 3. It's friggin ultra hard difficulty so no wonder she had difficulty poundering the fighter. But I was able to beat it! *yeah yeah* xD Don't be mistaken, I had difficulty on the next few rounds because it really is ultra hard... I just used Xiaoyu, Julia and Nina and I pound them all haha!

Next, I went to Alabang Town Center (again) to relieve my stress and played Conquest mode in Soul Calibur II. There was this little girl who was called by her mom while waiting for stage 1 but instead of waiting for it to load, she left it and I was shocked. Oh well, she might get lost if she didn't obey her mom so I played it for her since she chose Talim. xD I can't believe my eyes that I'm still proficient with using Talim although I'm not using her much unlike Xianghua.

Then after the arcade mode, I played Conquest mode to play my account. In the end, I was really happy because my rank leveled up again with Platinum Champion of the Wyvern!! haha! But of course, it was a disgrace to look at the number of my losses. Freakin' 223 losses. o_O But still I have 734 wins. It's still the wins that matters right? So it didn't really care that time.

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