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The September 8 Tragedy (part 1)

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This is a true-to-life story that happened way back September 8, 2006 and I am celebrating it's first anniversary today. I know it's Mama Mary's birthday but I don't blame her on what happened because we all know trials and challenges comes every now and then.


fred_itachi as Fred
Rica as herself
Mr. X (thief or dorobo)


While Fred was walking down his way to school (he was already inside the school premise), he saw her close-friend Rica, who was already tear-eyed at that time borrowing someone else's phone.

F: It's Rica. I wonder why is she crying? Did something bad happened?

Then, Rica went towards the wondering Fred who, at that time, was looking at her and felt sympathy for her simply because she was a friend.

R: Fred!! Please, please help me! Do you have extra load (or credits for cellphone) there? My phone was snatched while I was at the jeepney on the way here. I just noticed while I was attending my history class. I told my prof (Ms. Ingles) that I will go look for it. So can you please help me?

Good thing, Fred's cellphone hasn't registered yet to unlimited texting so he decided to help her friend. They tried to call her phone but no one's answering. Then Fred tried to call it again, and this time someone answered but he's not answering in his responses. Rica borrowed the phone and tried to convince the thief.

R: Hey, mister. Please I beg of you. Please return my cellphone. I'm just a student and I am not that rich to afford a new cellphone.

Mr. X: Okay, let's see. Why not go all the way here in Buendia?

R: Buendia? I don't even know where it is. Can we just please meet somewhere else.

Mr. X: Do you want your cellphone back or not?

R: Okay, okay. But please wait for us. We'll meet you there later. *hungs up the phone* Fred, the cellphone thief is on Buendia. The problem is, I don't know where it is. What am I gonna do? My husband's gonna kill me.I already lost 3 cellphones and I can't afford to lost it again.

F: I know where it is. If you like, I can go there with you. I know how you feel right now so I understand. So shall we go retrieve it back?

R: Are you sure? You're going to cut all your class?

F: Don't worry. It's just College Algebra. It's my first and last class for this day so no big deal. So shall we?

R: *nods* thanks very much, Fred.

And they went on their way to Buendia to retrieve Rica's cellphone. Fred was a little shy that time because Rica was the one who was paying for their fare to Buendia. And she was the one paying for his cellphone credits to call for the thief. While on their way, Fred asked her closest classmate, Jirene if there was a class on Algebra and he was thankful their professor didn't arrived so, in short, he didn't cut any classes.

Before entering the bus:

R: Are you sure you will come with me, Fred. I'm kind of ashamed to you because this has nothing to do with you, and I was afraid that I disturbed you and yet, you're there to help me.

F: No worries! My prof didn't arrive. And besides, I was the one who insisted right? And if I were to decline, I would've declined right back at school, so don't worry about it.

R: Really, thanks Fred! I really owe you one.

F: *smiles*

While on the bus, Fred convinced that they should just meet in Glorietta since it's much nearer and the advantage of this is there are people around unlike if we were to go to Buendia just the two of them, their lives could be at stake. At first, the thief didn't want to but after a little convincing, he finally agreed.

(end of part 1. Next is part 2)

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