Sunday, September 09, 2007

The September 8 Tragedy (part 2)

When the two arrived at Glorietta, they decided to seek assistance with the police in the nearest police station around. To cut the long story short, they were doubtful at first that the cellphone could be retrieved but Rica pleaded so they finally agreed. The plan was to retrieve the cellphone from the thief at Glorietta 2 (in the theaters) while the police are monitoring us (they're undercover). Before making their way to the meeting place, Rica decided to call her mom and let her know of what happened.

When they're finally ready, they all went to Glorietta 2 to meet up with the thief. We waited there for couple of minutes (about 45-60 minutes) but he didn't arrived. Rica decided to call it however, her cellphone was turned off.

R: Oh no. What are we going to do? It was turned off?

F: We'll try again. *calls the cellphone* Hey, it rang! *hands over his phone*

R: Hey, mister. Where are you? Aren't we supposed to meet up in Glorietta?

Mr. X: Who are you? This cellphone is already mine! *hungs up*

R: Hello!? HELLO!? *hungs up and gives it back to Fred* Oh no! The thief has already sold my cellphone!! The one who answered the cellphone - he's not the same person whom I talked awhile ago!

F: Huh!? How come? He sold it rather too fast.

R: We might as well give it up. Let's go back, Fred. *walks away*

F: But how about your husband?

R: It's okay. I'll just explain later when he arrives.

F: Okay, if that's what you want.

While at the bus...

R: I'm sorry, Fred. Our mission failed. And to tell you the truth, I'm still afraid on what my husband will say. Can you please go home with me? You'll be my witness?

F: Well, okay. But you know, even if the mission didn't succeed and your husband might get really mad, it's alright. At least,none of us got into casualty right? Your life is more important than a mere material thing.

R: Yeah, i hope you're right...

At Rica's house...

Rica's mom: What happened?

R: Failed. We didn't retrieved it...

Rica's mom: It's okay. At least you manage to get back here safe and sound. I know Terry (Rica's husband) will understand.

R: I hope so... Oh by the way, mom. This is Fred. He's the one who helped me back there.

F: Good afternoon, ma'am. I'm Fred.

Rica's mom: Thanks for assisting my daughter back there and making sure she's safe. I know you two are already hungry so eat there inside.

F: It's nothing, really. And thanks for the offer.

After the conversation, Fred and Rica went on their way to the dining room and eat their lunch.

(end of story)

I'm gonna end the long story here. While we we're eating lunch, Terry arrived and I was really relieved when Terry didn't get upset and instead, understood her situation. And he was also thankful for me because I guided Rica even if our mission to retrieve her cellphone didn't succeed.

In the end, it was a strenuous day because I didn't expect the day to turn out like that. But I'm glad that I was helpful for that day. I think everybody deserves to be helped by someone specially if he/she is your friend. And I was proud of myself because I just showed the "walang iwanan sa ere" (similar to all for one, one for all) philosophy. xD


  1. Oh, asar yung Mr. X! But if I were in Rica's place, I'd really doubt the idea of having it back. It's like a 1 to a thousand chance na ibabalik pa yun.

    But anyway, the good thing is, safe kayo and nag-cooperate yung cops hehe!

    One year na pla yan. Time flies! XD

  2. That thief surelly sucks!!! talking about too mean.. Hindi na dapat nia pinaasa si RICA..

    I somewhat understand that she had this urge to get it back..

    Good thing is you're both safe! Ingatz ka palagi kapatid!!

  3. @judith> yah the thief has no word... for me, he isn't considered as a real man... that was a very cheap thing to do.

    Haha bilis nga ng panahon... it's already a year since it happened..

    @shao> yeah Rica has her reasons why she want to have her cellphone back... she's afraid that her husband will get mad since it's her 3rd time to lost a cellphone but that was unintentional...

    and yeah, teh both of you are right.. ^^ at least we're both safe... a material/thing can't just replace a single life of us human beings. ^^