Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Shower (Contemporary Version)

sentiment: still irritated
harmony: "Kimi to no Ashita" by Sachi Tainaka

Today was a not-so-good day for school. And definitely, it's because of the weather and rain. At first, it was a fair sunny day but it didn't last longer. I was already in the last jeepney until I reach Alabang Hills Village (village where my school is located), the rain suddenly burst out and tough luck I didn’t bring my umbrella. So charge whether I like it or not… I swear this incident was not funny (not even half-funny) because it got me really soak… Soak to the extent that I really look like a person who is not in his right mind to go bath in the rain but I’m really not. F**cking sh*t that rain. I’m just wondering why it rained while I was going to get off the jeepney? Not when I already reached the school? It really ticked me off so bad.

It has came to my sense that it is a curse when I’m not bringing my umbrella, it rains. And the opposite happens when I’m bringing my umbrella. Gaarrsshh this is sure quite irritating. Do you want to know why am I not bringing or I didn’t have a mood to bring an umbrella? That’s because I’m not used to bring a folded umbrella… I always bring the big one… And I am frustrated whenever I bring that big umbrella, it won’t rain even a drop. I swear this is really a curse, tested by me and my friend Michelle.

This incident caused me to be agitated and hyper when I reached home. I recorded my second song (yeah, it’s a song rendition) because I want to sing my heart out until I drop off to bed since there is no karaoke near here in our place. This song is really high that it almost knocked out 3/4’s of my adrenaline. If it wasn’t Sachi Tainaka’s “Kimi to no Ashita”, I wouldn’t feel exhausted and maybe would sing more songs. And so here it is… by the way… DOWNLOAD or LISTEN to your own risk!! =P I’m not good at singing so don’t expect that this song rendition is pretty good. Oh well, since this is a male version of “Kimi to no Ashita” and hey, I don’t have a 3-octave voice so please bear with it if ever you’ll press the play button. xD good luck!! nyahaarhaar! XD

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  1. kapatid! Hey I got the time to listen to that wonderful voice! weeeehhh.. actually.. It wasn't that bad as you think it is.. (Really! You have to believe me this time..)

    I have to tell you this.. Actually when I was listening.. the volume in my PC is in 100% and I'm using the HEADSET so.. when I listen to your song.. AStonished feeling or shock feeling.. cuz.. my volume is too loud.. plus your voice is too loud as well..

    That's perfectly my fault! I can say that.. It happends a lot of time.. but Just a tip:

    Start with a low voice, when your recording a song.. then gradually louder? that'll be more applicable? JUST A TIP! kapatid! :D