Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Out Every Wednesdays

sentiment: more than tired
harmony: "Uneasy - Remix -" by MOMO

"AAUUTTOO!!" (Japanese way for saying "OUT!") says Fred_itachi because he felt like he wanted to go snooze all the way but he can't because the bummer guy has still got some things to finish.

Definitely one of the mood music post is today. I really feel uneasy because of the toxic schedule. This will be the last time that I will post during Wednesday (until the end of the first semester) because I feel light like an undead who just woke up from his sleep. Gosh this day really takes away more than the adrenaline that I should consume out of my body. Spending almost 12 hours at school with all those seatworks, recitations and other assignments and mingling with The Plastics, The OA's, The Konyotics, the boring yet demanding professors, rockin' seatworks, all in one pack. Departing from home 8:00 AM sharp and returning past 9:00 PM at home can really take out your soul that makes you feel as light as a ghost. But for the sake of this semester, I'm trying to endure it since it only happens during Wednesdays.

Ugghh, I'm so tired that I can't sleep. Well it's because it's one of the side effects of (my body) being too tired, I felt sleepy but I can't sleep and my appetite suffers as well. I didn't ate dinner because I don't feel like eating (but I ate a couple of sandwich a while ago). I just want to bum around or sit down doing nothing. But of course, can I do that? I still have friggin homework tomorrow that I need to finish...

So let me just rant and want all of the readers to know that I'm not allowing myself to post during wednesdays and wednesdays only. Please bear with me.


  1. Only a few more weeks to go before semestral break, oni! Hold on! xDDDD~ *clings to*

  2. uu nga imouto... I'm trying my best to hold on.. xD