Friday, September 21, 2007

Waiting For Too Long

sentiment: a bit sleepy
harmony: "Good Morning Sunshine" by Aqua

*looks at my watch* It's already 2 AM in here and I'm still awake... Need to finish my assignments before going to bed. You must've wondered that I was listening to a western song nee? But it's a bit old but I still like the song... I already missed the song... But I never missed their denpa songs {songs which are performed with a cutie, hyperactive voice and usually has a very fast tempo, e.g. Barbie Girl, Lollipop (Candyman)}... just missed their downbeat songs like Good Morning Sunshine, Be A Man, and Turn Back Time.

Now going back, this day has been very long to me... I don't know why I am fond of waiting for too long... I did go to school knowing that I will have a seminar for fourth year students. I didn't have the mood to attend such time-wasting seminars that's why I boycotted it. Besides, I'm already late... I arrived at school 3:00 PM and the seminar started 2:00 PM. When I went up the classroom, OMG we didn't have any class (and to think that was my first & last class that day) for Production and Operations Management. O_O Oh well, the thought has come to my mind that majority of my classmates in that class are fourth year students and there were only few third years.

Next, I went to Michelle and her amusing friends to kill time somewhere. But I didn't really killed much time since they we're smoking. And yeah, I was the only one not smoking... But at least I got to talk to them some things but the sh*t smell of cigarette smoke is really killing me... But I should be patient as well... They we're inviting me into the smoking world but I simply refused for the nth time...

7:50 PM The smoking session lasted for a few hours (I think 3 hours?) then Michelle and I decided to go home... But not yet... I still have to go to the supermarket to buy some few things that my mom insisted me to buy... It's a good thing that Michelle was kind and insisted that she'll go with me. Oh well maybe it's because she felt ashamed of making me wait while they smoke. Well that's absolutely nothing to me since she's one of my closest friends at school.

In the end, I'm still happy because despite of waiting for aeons, there are still people who would also wait for you and go with you for some ventures. ^_^ It's rare to know those kind of person nowadays, I must say. And I'm lucky that I met a friend like Michelle. xD


  1. Hai! Say NO to smoking! *__*

    I was actually glad to see a new post here. We don't post as much as before now. (-___-);

    Miss you, oni!

  2. yeah! really no to smoking... I'm allergic to its dust...

    yeah I just noticed that imouto... check out my new post...