Sunday, April 18, 2010

Look who's back from the slums of Beverly Hills?

Well, it's just me, FRED ITACHI who's back from the blogging world. Though I can't say I'm totally back for good but after an unintentional and long hiatus, I think my blogging spirit is getting back to me should I say?

Okay, so I didn't post for like 5 months but do you think I abandoned my fandoms? I don't think so. =p

Probably, I'm going to review ELISA's Rouge Adolescence, Mami Kawada's LINKAGE and Kalafina's Red Moon in the next few days so I hope my followers (if any) and friends got to read this one. Since I haven't been posting, expect that my style of expression would be a bit different or like it's lacking something. But I'm pretty sure I'm going to work on it. XD And so coming up for review next time:

[P.S.: Sorry if my layout is not something I really made. I'm just not in the mood to make a layout for myself. =p but I still made the new banner.]


感情: happy
音楽: "Te to Te to Me to Me" - Kalafina


  1. heyooo~~ *whacks fred*

    long time no see !! :3

  2. yeah it has been awhile, I guess. But I think it'll still take a bit more time for me to make such reviews since you know me, I don't usually write short reviews. =p

    Until my working contract expires, I think I'll be just updating bit by bit. (Please refer on my latest message to Craxia on my Cbox).