Friday, April 23, 2010

So damn tired!! =_=

Gaahh! I felt like I'm one of the exhausted people in the world. 14 hours of work is just no joke especially if the workplace is not near on your home. x___x Just got home at 1:30am and I was unlucky that I slept in the bus and didn't felt that I was already way passed my village so I have to take another jeepney ride. So much for saving money. T-T

Though I just received my highest salary as of now, I'm just not that happy with how all work is to be done. It's a bit long of a detail (and I'm too tired to type) but for now, I just want to rant all of this. But I'm still alive — barely. And I need some sleep so I'm going to bed right now since I still have work later 10:00am.

Hopefully, I could go home earlier later since there will be a meeting tomorrow which starts pretty early.


感情: tired, stressed, exhausted
音楽: "Hard Habit to Break" - Chicago


  1. Gan.... Ganbatte ne !! IT'S FOR MONEY !!! $_$

  2. thanks Yuki-chan! though sometimes I don't want to think it's for the money if it will be dreadful for my health. And now that you mentioned money, 10 days from now, salary again! /$ /$