Friday, October 16, 2009

Prophecy details, SCREW preview also available

Sudden news coming up after another and so I'm going to post this one.

First, Mami Kawada's 8th single Prophecy which will be used as the opening theme to Oct.23-airing OVA of long-time anime tie-up Shakugan no Shana. Cover and coupling song has been revealed though no song credits have been released. I'd say she's always been in a dark room/place in PVs and covers no?

Mami Kawada 8th single
2009.11.18 OUT

01. Prophecy (Shakugan no Shana S OP)
02. a frame
03. Prophecy -instrumental-
04. a frame -instrumental-

I'm liking the song. :D Although it's not as rockier than Hishoku no Sora and JOINT. Or maybe the intro will be something good. XDDD; TomoyukixTakeshi for this one probably since they're the ones for the first two Shana openers (w/ exception of Hishoku no Sora in w/c Nakazawa did it alone). The PV for Prophecy is also on Mami's Geneon Website.

And I ripped the preview of KOTOKO's 14th single SCREW from the new trailer of Assault Girls. ":D I admit I was rather shocked that it was a techno track rather than a dark rock.


感情: bloated
音楽: "Hishoku no Sora" - Mami Kawada

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