Saturday, October 10, 2009

Datengoku Sensen details

Forgot to update this one. I already know this information several days ago but didn't had much time to post so since it's the weekend, I'll better post this. xD

堕天國宣戦 (Datengoku Sensen, eng. Corrupted Kingdom of Heaven War Declaration)
ALI PROJECT 26th single
2009.10.21 OUT

1.堕天國宣戦 (Tatakau Shisho - The Book of Bantorra OP)
2.寶島 (Takarajima, eng. Treasure Island)

Liking the cover. xD It's so pirate theme and exotic. I wonder what they will have for the PV... :D The TV size is also out in YouTube already. x) Now I kinda understand why they described it as a hyperactive version of the gothica Baragoku Otome. :D I'm so in love with the song! It starts real mediocre then suddenly it bursts out with high energy. XDDD I wonder how will the coupling song will be? TBH, I can't read their minds on what neoclassical darkwave concept they have on this song but I sincerely hope it'll be a good one!


感情: full
音楽: "Kinjirareta Asobi" - ALI PROJECT

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