Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Ali Project FL layout, Hachimitsu Theme Song & Credits Revealed

AT LAST!!! After some eons, I was able to make a new layout for my ALI PROJECT fanlisting!!!! XDDD;; And I was able to change that ugly layout that I created last year. :D

I sorta played with the layout and it certainly catches up the gothic feel. :D Take a lookie here! And I made some new codes!! From the Poison, Jigoku no Mon and Senritsu no Kodomotachi covers. *rolls on the floor*

And another AT LAST. The Hachimitsu Blossomdays theme song is now revealed!

vocal: KOTOKO
lyrics: Shishi Matsushima
composition/arrangement: C.G mix

I'm seeing a lot of C.G these days huh? No preview yet though.


感情: hungry~
音楽: "Mangekyou Kirakira (acoustic)" - RYTHEM


  1. C.G mix... I need Maiko !! "orz

    I have a hunch that this blossomdays will be sweet denpa -_-a

    I need fukken rock-denpa "orz

  2. Yay, lots of mix-niisan this year ^__^ For KOTOKO, it should really be energetic denpa, not sweet (that's for Kaori) or rock (>__>)

  3. once again, I'll have to agree with Yuki-chan... if it's denpa, I'm missing something like Seishun Rocket or Swift Love. XDDD she's been inactive lately, huh? I wonder if she's up for something in Prophecy? Hahaha. :P

    @j4> well you should be happy because C.G is in the limelight once again for composing/arranging songs. XDDD