Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Eating your way out

I seldomly post something RL so I'm going to use the opportunity. :P

Today was a very "healthy" day for me. I don't know -- after I ate my early lunch, I went somewhere for a job interview this morning. It did fine -- nothing oh-so-nosebleeding but the agency says they'll just call me or what if ever I got accepted. And after a while, I went to the Shopwise to meet my sister and mother who are buying groceries. I know it was a bit long since I last ate since we finished up there @ 4:30PM. Gawd, it was a good 4 hrs of struggle for hunger and I'm the kind of person who doesn't really want to be VERY hungry. XD

After that, we ate at Figaro's and I ordered a coffee caramel frost and a spaghetti arabbiata while my sister and mother just ordered sandwiches (and of course, their drinks as well. But compared to what I ate, mine is a bit heavier. :P) When I finished up, I ate their left-overs which comprises of lettuce, bell peppers and jalapeños (Hahaha I eat to the last drop. ;D). Plus, my sister ordered a small (and moderately sweet) chocolate cake and it was probably one of the best that I have tasted so far. :DD

After eating, we went home and I skipped dinner (because I was still bloated that time) but if you think that's the end -- NOT YET. There's the pizza bread that my other sister gave to me when she arrived from work (courtesy of Bread Talk. XD) It was kinda huge but I was still able to eat it. XD

After almost an hour, my father arrived and took home some kinduva Beef teriyaki from a Korean restaurant that I don't know actually. XD And even asked me to eat them w/ rice! O.O (was that the midnight snack or the late dinner?!) *rolls on the floor*

And here I am, getting hungry again, so I'm eating a banana and my daily choco drink. :D Woohoo~ I hope everyday's like this. ;p

感情: hungry (yes~ I'm starving once again!)
音楽: "Dearest" - Asriel

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