Sunday, September 13, 2009

AliPro's 26th single title revealed

After a while, now the title for AliPro's upcoming 26th single is now revealed!! XD

Otome no Inori LJ community described this in their post as a hyperactive version of the gothica single Baragoku Otome (Rose Jail Maiden) - the OP theme for Rozen Maiden Ouverture. And I love this song~ so probably I'm going to like this song as well. :P

Datengoku Sensen (堕天國宣戦) (Corrupted Kingdom of Heaven War Declaration)
(editor's note: OnI had a typo so I'll just follow. :D)
ALI PROJECT 26th single
LHCM-1070 (MellowHead)
Tatakau Shisho - The Book of Bantorra OP
2009.10.21 OUT (but the main website says Oct.24)

information courtesy of Otome no Inori LJ Community and Tatakau Shisho main website.

The ending theme will be by Annabel entitled Light of Dawn. The single for this will come out in November 6, 2009 under MellowHead as well.

Gyaah~ I missed singing Hizamazuite in the karaoke. x3 (hears my BGM) *random nothings*


感情: sleepy
音楽: "Hizamazuite Ashi wo Oname" (Kneel Down and Lick my Feet) - ALI PROJECT

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