Friday, September 11, 2009

BALDRSKY Dive2 "Recordare" Theme Song revealed

lyrics: KOTOKO
composition: C.G mix
arrangement: C.G mix, Takeshi Hoshino Ozaki (editor's note: sorry I only saw 武 kanji so I mistook Takeshi Ozaki for Takeshi Hoshino. I'll look carefully next time -- and you can see from my 感情 last night I was sleepy. :P)

short version available for download here.

Going Muslim wars, eh? Is that even right for an eroge? :P Blame KOTOKO for that since she's the lyricist. :P

It sounded different compared to her earlier BALDR theme songs but it sounded true eyes this time. o_o; I mean it's good but it's nothing new if you ask me.


感情: a bit sleepy
音楽: "Message" - KOTOKO


  1. I think you should correct the arrangement credits now. It was Ozaki who helped mix-niisan, not Hoshino, as stated by Aibu at aibublog >_>

  2. yeah I'm going to edit that don't worry. :P