Friday, August 14, 2009

New layout (again), and more on ALI PROJECT news and late KOTOKO 4th album tracklist

Grr, it has been a few days when I can't do what I want because of the sudden slowdown of the internet connection but I think it has been restored and normal for now. *thank God*

And once again, I changed my layout since I, myself was a bit dissatisfied w/ the iframe layout that I made. I'll make a better layout next time.(For those reading this somewhere, I'm referring to my main blog in blogger).

Anyway, on other news, the TV size for ALI PROJECT's upcoming single Senritsu no Kodomotachi is now available for hearing purposes (in low quality though). I'm not saying I'm liking the song very much because it does sound quite different from their previous works. It sounded odd actually. Plus it'll be having a PV. YES you read it right. Although it won't be included in the single since it'll be released in a regular CD-only version (w/ no DVD). Even the PV itself is quite odd, if I may say. The full PV version is already out in the ALI PROJECT Official Fanclub but as you can see, this beggar cannot afford to be a member there so I'll have to wait until someone will post in YouTube so I can only see the PV. And good thing moichispa from upped the PV preview of the song.

I'm still not liking it very much and I don't know if my perception about the song will change once I got the long version. Hopefully, it's coupling song Hell's Maria will be a great song.

Even the lengths of the songs in Poison are now available c/o JBook.

1(4:39) Poisoner
2(4:53) 処女懐胎、あるいは白骨塔より少女達は飛翔する
3(4:53) お毒味LADY
4(4:28) 阿芙蓉寝台
5(4:35) 極色一代女
6(4:48) Animals on the Earth
7(4:38) 上海繚乱ロマンチカ
8(4:46) 世紀末ゲネシス
9(4:58) この國の向こうに
10(3:45) discipline

Not much long *misses long-length songs* but having almost all in 4:00+ already makes me happy at least it won't be that short. Album will still be out on 08/26.

And also their upcoming "untitled" 26th single is now available in pre-ordering in Neowing and HMV. I'm surprised it'll still be under the Lantis music company again (although going back to the MellowHead sublabel and not GloryHeaven). As usual, all lyric and vocal credit goes to Arika-sama (Arika Takarano) and composition/arrangement credit goes to Mikiya Katakura.

ALI PROJECT's 26th single
10.21.2009 OUT
Tatakau Shisho: The Book of Bantorra OP Theme Song

And in a rather late news, the tracklisting to KOTOKO's upcoming 4th album Epsilon no Fune is now available on her Geneon Website. Oh, and also the dumb PV preview for the so-uncute daily-daily Dream!, is now available there. If you don't want to be dumbfounded, then skip the automatic play. Immediately stop when you heard the streaming PV started.

1. リアル鬼ごっこ (Real Onigokko)
3. ハヤテのごとく! (Hayate no Gotoku!)
4. scene
5. ε~Epsilon~
7. -∞-DRIVE
9. Geoglyphs
10. 雨とギター (Ame to Guitar)
11. モネラの絆 (MONERA no Kizuna)
12. 限界打破 (Genkai Daha)

I'm glad KOTOKO will now have her 4th album and the tracklisting sounds promising. Hopefully, this will make-up for some of her "mishaps" lately (which I'm aware that it's not her entire fault). Will post the credits for the song as soon as it become available. Scheduled to be released on October 14, 2009.


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