Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mami for Shana OVA, I've Sound not for OP/ED themes for To Aru Railgun

Yay for this news! I was praying that Mami Kawada will do the theme song for Shakugan no Shana S and it did come true! I've Sound Database already confirmed this news! No title, credits and releasing date though but it is confirmed that it'll be Mami for both OP/ED songs and will come out in a single. :D More news will come up once some news will be revealed. ;D

On other news, To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, the sort-of sequel to the I've-Sound-managed anime series To Aru Majutsu no Index, will still be managed by I've but through music production only (meaning the BGMs and not the OP/ED themes) in which Maiko Iuchi holds responsible once again. As for the OP/ED themes:

"only my railgun" by fripSide -- OP
"Dear my friend -Madaminu Mirai e-" by ELISA -- ED (yes!!! finally ELISA!!!)

As you can see, no I've on the theme songs but who knows? Maybe the 2nd OP/ED will another by Mami Kawada!!! XDDD *bricked* or anyone in the I've Sound group probably... AND I'M ALSO EXCITED FOR ELISA!!!! YAY!! AJKWQYBWJCYTWVDSUW I'll be reaching to you ELISA! =D


感情: filled w/ excitement
音楽: "Time heals all sorrows" - KOTOKO


  1. YAYYY for Shana OP/ED and BOOO for Railgun OP/ED "orz

    well no problem, since Maiko is still on charge for the BGMs xD~

    MAIKO LOVE~~~ xD~ *bricked*

  2. Well ELISA love for me. :P But I'm way more excited for the Shana OVA OP/ED. :D hope much more rockier than JOINT and Hishoku no Sora. *squee*

  3. Fred... i have a bad hunch that this will be CGmix-produced song "orz

  4. well I have that same feeling too because I think lately, her name is usually w/ C.G's name on it. x__X Gawd C.G just go w/ Kaorin not w/ Mami. x_X Unless you'll make another HISUI. ~_~

  5. I really have to read your blog. There is no other blogger in my list who knows so much about jpop than you.

  6. Wow thanks Nicole! ^_^ Well it's just that J-pop is kinda already my passion. But I don't know if you'll like my tastes, though because what I post here are the "unknown ones" -- not really that abandoned but not that famous in Japan itself. And again, thanks for commenting and reading! :)