Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A few remarks on my hair

感情: a bit hesitant to post this
音楽: "over..." - K

Now that I think about it, it's been awhile since I last posted a pic of mine in this blog. XD I was actually lurking around facebook when I saw a familiar photo album that I know I actually attended. Yes, its the ADG (one of anime clans I joined) Christmas Party which was held last December 22, 2008 on one of my clanmate's house. It kinda reminds me of my awkwardly-looking "long" hair which I don't want to go back to~

Oh look I have no arms! ;D

Oh look there's my arm! :D

Well blow me down. It's also actually my hair style way back high school! o_o Looking at it makes me a bit embarrassed... *shrugs then hides in the closet* And I was supposed to go to the nearest hair cutter to have my hair cut 2 days earlier (at the photo's time) which is my birthday and because of very much excitement, nemmet I forgot to do so. D;

But after 2 weeks, when school days has been resumed, I actually got my hair cut in semi-bald. XD It doesn't really suit me but I undergo this haircut every once a year because when it grows, it looks good on me. XD Plus having a very short hair is cool on my head. XD

Am I recognizable with this hair style?!

And after 2 months....

Love that pepsi float!

I really liked my hair that time (pertaining to the photo above this) although to tell you the truth, I had a very heavy day that time that I boycotted my mock defense. :P And went to the outskirts of Manila to see my friends! XD

Anyway, if you are to ask me in which image that I like, I'd probably say the image "now" rather than in the past (not just in physical outlook but also emotional, spiritual etc.) because I'm a bit of a judging-a-book-by-its-cover kind of a character and a very introvert person that I really don't want to socialize with other people (it's a long story why I was like that in HS but I tell you, it has a reason).

And I can't actually say that I changed a lot right now than in the past, I'm still me but yeah, you could say that I'm more friendly, open-minded, sociable and patient kind of a person. XD

my present hair. As fresh as new. XD

And speaking of hair, my hair length is getting kinda long again but I don't know when will I get my next haircut. And I'm still deciding if I'll have it semi-bald again since it'll be 4 months again before my *ehem*. And I don't want to look like an emo-looking person just because of having a hair like in the previous pics (BUT I SWEAR MY STYLE'S NOT EMO! However, it's kinda "almost" especially if my bangs were placed in one location) when we have a group pic again.

Another reason that I see to have my hair semi-bald it's because it's kinda hot here just like summer but we're already in the rainy season here in the Philippines though. x_x But most likely, I'll just have it trimmed so that the once-a-year hair resolution is being followed. XD

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