Monday, August 03, 2009

platinum long version

感情: hungry as usual~ o.o
音楽: "platinum" - Mami Kawada

As promised, I will post the long version of platinum here. ^_^ And a download link as well so that everyone could share the love. =D

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And here's the download link. ^o^ It's 4:20 long~ And I was expecting a 5-min. track. =_=' Oh well, my views on the song haven't change -- it's sounding pretty good plus it has a part where Yuki-chan will really enjoy -- the heavy electric guitar and some violin part but the guitar was much more prominent on this part (2:43-3:10). Not as heavy as MELL's Bizarrerie Cage because it'll really destruct the song if it will be heavier. XD Well that's already a uniform move for Iuchi. Although this song is still not as good as snIpe, I'm really liking Mami's voice here. ^_^ Give it a listen!

And btw, this song is the opening theme to Candy Soft's latest eroge Mechamimi. Lyrics are still not up yet and I'm not in the mood to transcribe this. xP But I will update Mami's fansite once I got the right lyrics. ^_^


  1. Somehow Mami sounded like in Aozora to Taiyou... a bit too cute for my ear *bricked*

    and the guitar solo part... well, honestly it wasn't too good hahah :P

    and anyway, SPYGLASS leaked... but no Booklet yet ~_~


    and this is the credits :D

    thanks to Sekka for the info :D

  3. well I'm already aware that SPYGLASS leaked. Last night, someone already posted at IMS although they restricted it to users w/ something 15. (15 karma? or 15 posts? Who knows? I can't even understand Chinese characters. -_-;)

    And so I still waited for it to leak more. I already have the single (w/ no booklet) and the PV...