Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I didn't know that betting a banana for a competition was good...

Having the daily-daily Dream single downloaded, nothing but bad images are coming out from my head while I wait for the PV to finish its download.

Truly granted, the single itself worthwhile to download especially upon marking Message as the "highest" priority. I should hear the coupling song first to know if the single will be saved by this one. And I was right. It was something... outstanding for a SORMA No.1 remix. A mixture of pop-rock to soft rock w/ some hints of punk-rock in the instrumental.

But what made this download a ridiculous one is the PV itself. I did not bothered myself uploading it on YouTube since I already saw two users uploaded it and so I'm just going to embed it.

I thought the CM/previews for the PV was really ridiculous but wait till you see the full one. It just started on a baseball showdown in which, the winner to be awarded with just one banana. Now that's kinda nonsense. Who wants to do that in the first place?

And in the end, KOTOKO wins but the referee (or umpire?) eats the banana so KOTOKO and her enemy, chased him out.

Oh my, what a ridiculous banana story.


感情: o_o
音楽: "Schwarzer Sarg" - Yousei Teikoku


  1. it's retarded xD~

    and is it just me... or KOTOKO is trying to pull a FRESH CUTE image ??

  2. You mean it's worse than retarded. o_o

    Looks like it, Yuki-chan but this action did not really pulled up her strings. ><