Friday, August 28, 2009

Getting over this week

First of all, I would like to congratulate Pi-Pi-Pi for winning the I've Sound Karaoke Contest although I'm aware that she won't be able to read this one.

Okay, so after a week full of anticipated release (refer to the singles I've said in one of my earlier posts), this week will have another big downloads for me. Yeah, although it may not be big for some, but for me, it's already this big because of my HDD problem.

And before I post my anticipated singles/albums this week, I'll display the result of the first-week sales of the last week's anticipated singles/albums:

ALI PROJECT (Senritsu no Kodomotachi, Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ OP2) = #23 (4,845 copies sold)
savage genius (Watashi wo Mitsukete., Pandora Hearts ED2) = #85 (1,016 copies sold)

m.o.v.e (anim.o.v.e) = #19 (7,702 copies sold)
RYTHEM (Best Story) = #22 (6,939 copies sold)
Suara (Kizuna) = #45 (2,359 copies sold)


And the Oricon dailies for this week:

KOTOKO (daily-daily Dream, Hayate no Gotoku!! Second Season OP2) = 13→13
KOKIA (Transparent, Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ ED2) = below top 50 (for two nights)
Sachi Tainaka (Unmeibito) = below top 50 (for two nights)

ALI PROJECT (Poison) = 14↑10
Yousei Teikoku (Gothic Lolita Doctrine) = 31↓39


For now, I'm listening to ALI PROJECT's Poison album and will make a review after a proper listen to all of the songs. But I'll be giving a hint that there's a high probability that I will give this album a high five rate because of the songs. I'm liking all of them and the album is much greater than their previous album Kinsho since most of the songs here in their new album are quite upbeat and experimental -- and they fitted.


感情: "poisoned" by Poison. :P
音楽: "処女懐胎、あるいは白骨塔より少女達は飛翔する" by ALI PROJECT


  1. If you have Ali Project's new album, Poison, is there anyway you could upload it somewhere to download?

    I feel totally bad for asking, I always try to support my favorite artists, but I spent all my money on their new single >.<

    It would be SO amazing if you would!


  2. Sadly Collete, I only had the mp3s in a low quality version since I'm very dying to have them in my playlist. So if you still want it knowing it's LQ, then reply here. But I'll post it here once I already found a HQ versions. ^_^

  3. I'm alright with the mp3s being LQ for now!

    Thanks alot!

  4. Here's the link to the LQ version of Poison album as you requested: