Friday, August 28, 2009

茜空 ~それがぼくらの世界だった~

Just finished uploading Unmeibito single and posting it on our LJ community. Join our community so that you'll see the older singles posted! =D haha!

As for the title, it's the full title of KOTOKO's latest eroge theme song, Akanesora ~Sore ga Bokura no Sekai Datta~ but that's according to the booklet. Feel free to edit the tags w/ either this title or Akanesora only.

You can download the song here.

The song itself is a ballad and it's composition/arrangement from C.G mix. If you ask me if I like it or not -- yes, I like it because even though it's a ballad, it doesn't sound bland like the oh-so-mighty daily-daily Dream. The song is soothing to my ballad-thirsty ears. XD Haha! Sounds like a bit of Koe ga Todoku Nara which is one of my fave ballads way back on Hane album.


感情: fully loaded
音楽: "茜空" - KOTOKO

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