Saturday, August 29, 2009

Futa*Ane song credits revealed!

I just recently found this information:

two HeaRt
Lyrics: KOTOKO
Composition/Arrangement: Maiko Iuchi
Vocals: Kirishima Airi (桐島愛里) <---- so is she the new I've girl?!

and SRSLY another Maiko Iuchi eroge track. I guess we should expect another cutesy-error type of song, nee? And is Airi Kirishima another one of Shimamiya-sensei's students? (: Or is my kanji right about her name?! :P haha! (Post edited)

Later then, I'll have to go w/ my best friend on her school activity. :D *goes off to the bathroom*


感情: in a rush
音楽: "SUPER SONIC DANCE" by m.o.v.e


  1. just look at that title !!! SRSLY !!!
    that's too denpa-istic !! "orz

    i have a hunch that she is the A-chan that Eiko-sensei talked about in one of her blog post... and her name is probably Airi rather than Ari, fred :D

  2. Hahaha I edited the name already don't worry. :P That's because I posted this news before Aibu and I had to rely on the j-talk nihongo parser so a slight mistake on the name has been done.

    And I'm kinda thinking we'll be hearing another of those Stars Biscuits and stuff. XD

  3. Based on the quirkiness title, we might as well expect that it's gonna be denpa. Hopefully it's more like Shiroi Rinbokyoku rather than Stars Biscuit ^_^

  4. yeah something like that. I really didn't like Stars Biscuit that much. o_O or another platinum wouldn't be so bad. XD