Thursday, September 03, 2009

Hachimitsu Blossom days singer revealed

I read it on IMS that our most prolific I've utahime KOTOKO will be the one to perform on this one. Still no short version on the main website of the game and song credits though. The game (and probably the song) will be out on October 23, 2009 -- the same date for the premiere showing of Shakugan no Shana S.

Still can't say anything about the song but they should've let Mami did the song. :P *bricked by a ton of KOTOKO fans* Oh well, there's still many next time for that. It's just that KOTOKO has already done many eroge theme songs. And she'll be having another from BALDRSKY Dive. And the recent Akanezora.


感情: eating~
音楽: "密猟区" - ALI PROJECT


  1. WOOOTTT !!! another KOTOKO ?!?!?!?

    WTF !!!!

  2. yeah~ I was kinda getting frustrated that they should've let the other I've utahime to do it (other than KOTOKO perhaps). I'm a bit of a sucker w/ KOTOKO's eroge songs right now. (゜Д゜;≡;゜Д゜)