Tuesday, August 25, 2009

STEAL! theme song credits

Not worth of an update but at least, we'll look forward to this one.

true eyes
lyrics: ask / composition: C.G mix / arrangement: C.G mix & Takeshi Hoshino

From the second CM preview of the game in its main website, I'm having a hunch, that one will be true eyes since it's the one also being played in the first CM preview. Anything could change for now but if ever my hunch is correct, then probably, I'll definitely look forward to it since it sounds good. Are we going to have a much better song now that Takeshi Hoshino is also in the arrangement credit? Are we gonna have another Kara no Tsubomi or something much greater? We'll find out that when the OP demo is out. And I'll keep it posted here when the time comes.


感情: a bit bored and sleepy
音楽: "Lacrimosa" - Kalafina

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