Saturday, July 04, 2009

Kaori Utatsuki - Spyglass PV preview

感情: onakahetta~
音楽: "One small day" - Kaori Utatsuki

This is a 45 sec. preview for Kaori Utatsuki's PV for Spyglass, her first mini-album. As you see, I'm really liking the song that's why I have to post this one! I'm really hunching a Kazuya Takase production here because of the synths used especially in the last part of the preview. It sounded like the one's in all alone, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni c/w song.

I like the video because it's so sunny and Kaorin looks cute with the bandana. I was just a bit annoyed with the guitars -- just like in her Shining stars bless single because you can hardly hear guitar beats just from hearing the preview and yet you'll see her playing the guitar? I mean, what's the sense? -_-a


  1. WOOWW what a mature new image for Kaorin xD~

    I LOVE IT INSTANTLY !!! KAORIN YAYY !! xD~ *instant bricked*

    it seems that they really turn Kaorin into somewhat of acoustic guitarist type, huh ?

    but... COOL xD~

  2. and anyway, i can hear the guitar's sound :P
    it's pretty clear, you know :D

  3. Wew how come I caanot hear it? -_-a All I can hear is the synth, piano, and her vocals. Or maybe it's too LQ of a preview that's why I cannot hear it. Ö

    I'm really loving this song. I'm excited for the long version!! *PLZ COME AUG.5 AS IN NAO!* XDD