Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Kalafina addiction - ON-GOING! XD

感情: uberly spazzing over Kalafina!
音楽: "oblivious" - Kalafina

Sorry for the long absence. As you can see, I'm quite over busy lately with job application and my new blog layout (which will be finished very soon!) and with other graphical projects. XD But setting those aside, I'm moderately fine tonight because I'M UBERLY EXCITED W/ STORIA!! Not the single but the Oricon daily debut and guess what? It debuts at #10!! :DD Well if you ask me, they quite deserve the position because storia is a very different single from their previous ones. It has a tribal, provincial-aura plus the heavenly voice of our dearest Wakana, Keiko (my crush!! =D) and Hikaru. But composer Yuki Kajiura made a second attempt to neo-classical flavor with the coupling song lirica. And I just love how Kajiura-san put her effort on making these songs. They're quite lovable! XDD

And when I was just lurking in YouTube, looking for the storia PV, I stumbled upon a live version of oblivious, my Kalafina favorite song. *spazz* My eyes widen when the video started and was even more excited because I saw Hikaru!! Yes! Ever imagined why she's supposed to be not there? Because at the time of Kalafina's debut with the said song, it was only Wakana and Keiko and then I will see Hikaru in this live video?! Now, that's exciting!

I was shocked when I heard that she was the first to sing plus her falsetto effects for the intro choral part was pretty heavenly!! I'm lovin' it!! =D Wakana and Keiko's voices are just like in the original song! Wonderful. XDD They're even greater live than some other J-pop artists that I know!

Take a lookie here. xD

If you want to try the group for the first time (or even not? xD) and ask me for a recommendation on which song to try out first, it's got to be oblivious. xD It's so trancey, ethereal and heavenly all at the same time especially the intro. Want to try the song? Click here.

And here's the PV for storia. I love their outfit here!! xD HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! xD


  1. Ya know, the storia PV really reminds me of the "Medieval" times due to their outfits.

    Well, their PVs really fits the songs, I kinda feel surreal and fantasizing. XD

  2. Well if you ask me, almost all of their PV costumes fit them except for seventh heaven. I mean they're great but for a puppet show themed PV, they're too over-dressed. xD