Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ao-iconoclast/PIGEON-the green-ey'd monster

I just ripped them somewhere because I saw having the single already up but much to my dismay, they have it "locked" for non-posters. But what can I do if I can't post or even understand Chinese. ~_~ *MAJORLY BRICKED*

But I tell you, this one is a high quality rip! However, it's a bit "rocky road" (due to my PC problems. |D;;) but I think the clarity is 100%! Hoho~ I should be resourceful even for once in my life. ;D

Ao-iconoclast has a very good intro. I like the noisy electric guitar plus the violin. *UWAAAHHH INSTANT LOVE INTRO* But still not the chorus. :P I really hate that one. xP And if you ask me, it's just like a more improvised Maiko Iuchi composition. I like the song but not just the chorus. Let's just leave it at that. xD

PIGEON-the green-ey'd monster is like a Jyukai-inspired Himegoto because it's much more perkier sound with the electronic guitar and it's also groovy! I like it as well. :D But it felt like KOTOKO's voice is a bit restrained because as you know, these kind of songs are not her forte. But it's a good thing she tried because it's almost perfect. The title is just a bit weird though.


  1. okay. i should say that i actually love Ao-iconoclast xD~ it sounded EPIC with the strings behind... xD somehow... Ayane style :D

    and pige(ne)on is abit...
    general -_-;; as you've said, this one is definitely not kotoko's best >_<

  2. Honestly, even if PIGEON was not KOTOKO's best, I still appreciate it more than ao-iconoclast. The latter was rather generic just like aibu said. I just like the intro but still the chorus part is what matters -- and I really didn't like it. Her I've songs sounds much better IMHO.