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Senritsu no Kodomotachi single cover up!

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戦慄の子供たち single cover

At last, the single cover for ALI PROJECT's upcoming single is now available via their one of their websites. :D I'm liking it more than their Jigoku no Mon single cover and I might get a more nicer scans for my next layout in my ALI PROJECT fanlisting. XDD By the way, here's the details:

Senritsu no Kodomotachi (戦慄の子供たち)
Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ OP2
2009.07.22 OUT

o1. Senritsu no Kodomotachi
02. Hell's Maria
03. Senritsu no Kodomotachi (Instrumental)
04. Hell's Maria (Instrumental)

If it isn't too obvious, the concept of the single may be derived from it's coupling song because she looks like Virgin Mary with her white outfit, hair and of course, with the rosary. I love how she looks in the cover!! =D I may not be correct but with the title, it's a bit too light for a Phantom tie-in. xD Although I'm aware that the senritsu word used here means "fear" or "horrible". Thus, the meaning of "Children of Fear" or "Horrible Children".

Hell's Maria is supposed to be dark rock just like their Kishi Otome (Rara Eve Shinseiki c/w song) with the title.

I still cannot say much since the TV version or previews are not present but I'm really liking the cover. From bad, ghastly and "scary" (?) image of Jigoku no Mon now turns out something gentler image? Now that's an unexpected change since OP themes are supposed to be more influential than the ED themes right? Who says OP themes should be more despicable ones than the ED themes? ALI PROJECT breaks from the usual tradition and the question is, will this get the attention or rather, shall it be done by the others as well? We'll see that in the future.

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