Thursday, July 09, 2009


感情: happy
音楽: "Sunao ni Narenai" - Mai Hoshimura

I may haven't opened this topic up in this blog but I'm very happy to know that I'm fit to work. So why am I bringing this up? Well nothing at all but despite having a dextroscoliosis, according to my X-ray result, the doctor said I'm fit to work!! xDD Yes I have a scoliosis but it won't stop me from looking for work. So where did all this shenanigan came from?

It started it out while I was applying work for SM as a Sales Utility Clerk -- and so I passed all the interviews and have my physical examinations including the X-ray. When I got the X-ray result, the doctor (in the SM clinic) told me that my scoliosis was not just a slight thoracic dextroscoliosis. She said it would be best that I should consult an orthopedic to check if it's already severe or whatever. And so I did the instructions and I went to an orthopedic -- and did another X-ray.

Awhile ago, I went back for the result of the second X-ray and he said, I'm fit for work! No problem and restrictions  at all! Although he said, even if it may not worsen, it won't be aligned straight (for the rest of my life). *bricked* Oh well, at least, it's over now.

I don't even know why the heck I got this dextroscoliosis since the 2nd doctor told me I didn't get that from carrying heavy bags on my childhood -- what's scary is that it's hereditary. o_O I actually asked my mother if they have some sort of disorder like that in their family and guess what? None! And what came as a surprise is that my grandma (on my father's side) has the same problem. -_-a

Oh well, as if I can do anything about it right now. I'm already on my 20's so my bones won't move even if I got my back braced. But at least, it's a relief for me. I thought I wouldn't be able to work because of this problem. =_='

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