Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Upon vocalizing...

感情: slight headache
音楽: "Jewel of Kiss" - Hitomi Shimatani

...I got the chance to do a rendition of one of my fave Kalafina songs. xD It's a good thing it's a piano ballad that's why when I "cleaned" it using Audacity, the quality of the song was not very much affected. I practiced since I'll be participating to the I’ve Sound Blog First Annual Karaoke Competition.

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It's entitled "Gloria", the coupling song of their 4th single Lacrimosa. I know my singing voice is compared to a zombie so I'll be saying that listen at your own risk. xD But definitely, a product of hard work although my vocals need more practice. And as for my official entry for the said competition, you'll learn soon enough but Aibu already know what I'm singing. xD Although I'm not really sure if everyone's gonna like it because Aibu himself told me that it's not his personal favorite though. Oh well, this is just for fun and I cannot force myself to sing something I can't. xD *bricked*

But as a hint, I'm not singing any rock music. Because my voice is limited to that of a midtempo to slow ballad. xD Sorry if my vocals aren't very interesting but yeah, that's how it's supposed to be. -_-a


  1. heheh :D

    i would sing get my way! if i were to follow the contest xD~ *bricked*

  2. go Yuki-chan!! You can still join.. xD You can still submit a rendition of Get my way! you know. xDD~

  3. the problem is...

    i have no place where i can be alone and record my voice nyaoo~~ xD

    and i'm way too embarassed to sing in front of other people since i realize that i'm not a good singer xD~ *bricked

  4. hahaha don't worry. I also feel the same way that's why I recorded my song during midnight when all of them are already asleep and I'm the only one awake. xD