Friday, June 12, 2009

SPYGLASS tracklist

感情: excited
音楽: "love come down" - Kalafina

This tracklisting is c/o Kaorin's Geneon Website. :D

02.Shining stars bless☆
04.この空の下で (Kono Sora no Shita de)
06.星の海 (Hoshi no Umi)
07.Last Song

Wow did they have to include Lemonade on this mini-album? D: I don't like that song very much please it's a pretty uber old song. -___-a I'm excited for the title track itself. :D

Last Song is obviously a ballad song but I hope one of the two new tracks should have a trance-y feel on it.


  1. why Lemonade when they have better songs in their pocket like senecio, or Do you know the magic?

    Last Song would be 99% ballad, so i hope the rest of the new songs are something upbeat (or maybe techno-ish or trance-y like we all wish :P)

  2. Yeah I do hope so... >< Maybe Lemonade here is a remix of the "REMONEEDO" in the SHORT CIRCUIT II album... Who knows? D;

    I'm hoping Spyglass is a very upbeat intro. Or else it'll ruin the whole album.

  3. *lol* with such cool sounding title, Spyglass would totally be a waste if it is not something upbeat.

    one more thing that i wonder, who wrote all the lyrics ?? KOTOKO or Kaorin ?? let's just hope Kaorin also wrote some >_<~