Tuesday, June 09, 2009

More J-pop news on the go!

感情: refreshed *just finished my bath*
音楽: "Wonder Wind" - ELISA

First of all, Kaorin's mini-album has now a title. Although I'm a bit late for this new but it is entitled SPYGLASS. YES WITH THE USUAL CAPS! 8DD It will be a 7-track mini-album which will contain her first two singles Shining stars bless and Chasse.

Then let's go to Eiko's upcoming single Super scription of data. The coupling song and their song lengths has now been revealed! xD c/o Jbook.

Super scription of data single cover

Super scription of data
5th single.06/24/2009 OUT

01. Super scription of data [4:35]
(Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei OP Theme)
Lyrics: Eiko Shimamiya
Composition/Arrangement: Kazuya Takase
02. electric universe [5:49]
Lyrics: Eiko Shimamiya
Composition/Arrangement: SORMA No.1
03. Super scription of data -instrumental-
04. electric universe -instrumental-

My impression? I think the coupling song would be able to save our dearest poor-sounding-chorus single. xD electric universe sounds like it's going to be a trance-y and powerful one! So don't you fail me SORMA! Give more power just like you did with OXISOLS! XDD *bricked*

Then here comes the upcoming Kalafina 5th single. :D

storia promo pic

5th single "storia"

07/01/2009 OUT

storia [w/ DVD edition]
SECL 786~7

storia [Regular Edition]

01. storia [3:36]
[Theme song for NHK drama's Rekishi Hiwa Historia]
02. lilica [5:17]
03. storia -instrumental- [3:36]

Preview for storia

Side comment: I'm loving storia!! It's so classy compared to their neoclassical song Lacrimosa but I love both song. :D

Oh and it just came to me that ALI PROJECT will also do the OP2 for previous tie-up Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ and they will release another album!!! Here are the details. XD

Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ 2nd OP Theme
Regular Edition only
07/22/2009 OUT

Regular Edition only
08/26/2009 OUT

Wow *whew*! Now that's an update. :D I hope I'll get more update on my favorite J-pop singers/groups next time. xD


  1. "Although I'm a bit late for this new "

    *lol* what a rare ocassion to see me knowing an update earlier than you :D

    just hope it would be good for Kaorin... x3

    and lately, i've been drowned into Eiko-sensei's soothing work xD~

    gotta blame Diorama for this xD~

  2. yeah that's because I just got online tonight. My sister is doing something awhile ago so I can't possibly strike into the PC. xD

    And yeah I will hope for the best for Kaorin. x) The mini-album title is attractive. xD

    And for Eiko, I really hope SORMA wouldn't crash the single more. Haha I miss hearing Eiko's trance tracks. x)