Monday, June 08, 2009

For the love of Mami. XD

感情: onakahetta~
音楽: "β-Nendo no Hoshi" - KOTOKO

Ahh I just love the song. :D It hasn't played in my playlist for a long time and I missed hearing this song of hers. Lurrvve it to pieces! XD

Okay enough babbling. I just wanted to share my love and dedication for my fave I've Sound singer Mami Kawada because inspiration struck me (awww! *then sparkling eyes*) to edit her English wiki article. 8D If you notice her history is NAO longer plus it has been divided into 3: Which is the Debut, SEED era, SAVIA era, and lastly 2008 and beyond. Well I just expounded on her chronologies because I was not very much in the mood to make a longer history last time (that explains why there's only one part in her history part, nee? *BRICKED*).

Plus, I made a separate article for Mami's discography!!!! YAY!!! 8DD But just right after I made the article (not more than 3 minutes), some bad mod labeled it as "unreferenced"! I want to spank that guy really if I were to meet him (or her?) in person! The article was just there for less than 3 minutes then you're going to negate my effort by labeling it as "unreferenced"?! Then why didn't you tagged it when it had no separate article?!? Are you giving me a damn shit out of my effort! Of course I'm going to add references and all but you've just gave me a reason to abandon my work and left it "unreferenced" when you tagged it!!! DD; I RLY DAMN HATE YOUU!!! DX

*wipes sweat* Now that I have released my anger, I could eat my midnight snack now. Tata~ Sorry for ranting this much , can't really help it. x__X


  1. it's nice to see Mami has her own separated discography xD but you should have added Live in Taiwan in SAVIA era, fred :D it's her first live outside Japan =3

  2. Oh I'll include that next time. My time's not just too complete so I'll be updating the article one of these days. :D thanks for reminding! I almost forgot that one. xP

  3. don't mind... i myself just remembered when my friend mentioned about making of Live in Taiwan in SAVIA's DVD :D