Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jigoku no Mon full version

感情: eating midnight snack
音楽: "Jigoku no Mon" - ALI PROJECT

And now I already had my long version of ALI PROJECT's latest single Jigoku no Mon. This song was used as the ending theme for Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~. And I'm quite excited for this and I'd say, it's worth the wait!!! XDDD; Much greater than Rara Eve Shinseiki. XD Haven't watched the PV though. -__-;

The arrangement's a bit messier but I like the order of the song. The sound of trumpet makes it a bit perky to be "Gates of Hell" though. :D Oh well, it adds to my delight plus Arika's deranged voice is always a plus mark for me! It works although not too much with my acquaintances. :P You know who you are people. :D

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But hearing the long version really made my night! So while I'm eating my apple-flavored oats here, I'm going to rock my ears with this song!! Lovin' it and the cover!! Although some says it's a bit scary. XD

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