Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Is that you Kotoko?!

感情: full
音楽: "verge" - Eiko Shimamiya

Yes, this is KOTOKO on her first non-I've single Ao-iconoclast/PIGEON-the green-ey'd monster. Looks like she cut her hair, no? And what's with the rabbit?

Oh well, it looks a bit simple and at the same time, weird because it doesn't look like it will be a tie-up with Blazblue. x__X Something too simple yet weird.


  1. OMG...


    so that's what one of her blog post meant ^^


    and... wait... she didn't look like KOTOKO xD

  2. Well she really didn't look like she is, if you ask me. >,>

    I actually don't understand her blog post but it looks like a shoot for the cover of her single.