Friday, May 22, 2009

Mechamimi OP song revealed!

Just like what I indicated in my last post, the demo movie for the eroge Mechamimi will be revealed today/tonight and the title of the Mami Kawada OP theme will be:

Lyrics: Mami Kawada
Composition/Arrangement: Maiko Iuchi

AND YES IT'S NOT DENPA!!! xD *thank God I'm wrong!* It's not all great but it's also not that bad! It sorta reminds me of masterpiece but a slower version and minus the noisy electric guitar though but the synths were a plus for me and it's not plain unlike fickle. I think Maiko Iuchi did fair for this one! And here's the short version of platinum.

And here's a download link for the song. =D


  1. it's half denpa, fred -_-;;

    well is it just me or 'platinum' kinda sound like ELISA's 'wonder wind' and KOTOKO's 'fickle' being mixed up ??

    rather disappointed -_-a

  2. Well I don't know, I don't find the song half-denpa because it's 0% at least for me. If you compare her voice in this song w/ tiny days and My Friend, her voice w/ platinum is more natural. And I like this one better than fickle. Her voice range here is like in Saigo no Yakusoku but of course, w/ the differentiation of the tempo between the two songs.

    Yes the tempo might be a bit higher but if you ask me, I find masterpiece a bit faster than this one.

  3. well, it's just that it's not really fit to the demo movie... the demo movie seems like... it would fits Kaorin perfectly -_-;;

  4. well Kaorin could also do the job but (w/ no bias at all), I think Mami is the most perfect to do the job because if Kaorin will do this, it will make the song more cuter which I think, Iuchi herself doesn't aim to do such thing. xD Oh well that's just my two cents.

    Or maybe they're just giving Mami a chance for another eroge since it's been a year since the last time she did an eroge theme song unlike Kaorin. >,>

  5. it could be... but why MechaMimi ?! -_-;;

    probably need the Full version to make me love this song :D

  6. Well I really don't know why but they could've at least set Mami on the theme song with eroge that are a bit "mature" like Kazoku Keikaku. I mean not all the cute things but rather story-oriented.

    But with that, I don't think Maiko Iuchi will do the compositions/arrangements. D<

  7. no... Maiko might be able to pull such song, fred. remember return to that place ??

  8. Well she really can but the problem is if I've will let her do the job. Oh well, the remix of Onaji Sora no Shita de works for me so I think there'll be a possibility she can pull together w/ "serious" songs. And return to that place itself is the proof. :D

  9. *lol* nee~~ fred, i finally recognized that platinum is nowhere near denpa xD xD *bricked*

    but it does resemble you give... in some manner :P