Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kaorin Mini-album on its way!

感情: sleepy
音楽: "Senecio -Album Mix" - Kaori Utatsuki

While I am downloading ELISA's Wonder Wind, I just found out that Kaori Utatsuki will be having her first mini-album with I've and Geneon! For goodness' sake! I thought they won't have a thought on her releasing an album but I'm just wondering why only a mini-album?Ö Anyway, here's the details:

Untitled (1st Mini-Album) [will come up with a limited DVD edition]
Kaori Utatsuki

* Catalog Number: GNCV-1009
* Format: CD
* Release Date: 2009/08/05
* Amount: 2625円(Tax included)

And the demo movie for Mechamimi will be released this May 22, and I'm kinda curious if the Mami Kawada OP theme will be heard. XD

Will post more details soon if it becomes available. ;D


  1. ehh ?!?!?! maji ?!??!!?

    is that serious ?!?!?!?!

    AHH~~~ xD

  2. Yes my dearest Yuki-chan. CDJapan already has a pre-order on it. =D

    So it's serious time now. XD But I would be happier if it was a full album and not just a mini-album/EP. ><

  3. i think they're testing the market. if this mini album sold well, then... who knows ?? xD

  4. Well I sincerely hope because if you ask me, I think Kaorin will do a bit worst since it's been a long time since the last time she released a single/album. But oh well who really knows? Let's just hope for the better.

  5. well... i do feel the same as you about Kaorin...
    plus... Geneon's lack of promotion for Kaorin (and the others, too, actually) is even more iritating >_>